David Heeschen

Deeply experienced with hands-on background in real-time embedded devices and cloud-based measurement services. Functions well in front of customers and can appreciate their business needs and technical limitations. Quickly finds effective, data-driven, robust solutions and communicates them effectively to both upper management and technical staff. Technically mentors individual engineers and works well in diverse teams. Open to new opportunities and contributing in a hands-on technical role.

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Software Innovator

Developed and implemented RESTful solutions spanning Android & iOS devices and AWS-based servers.

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Prolific Inventor

Distinguished Inventor with 13 issued US patents and several associated awards.

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Systems Engineer

Works with customers to understand operational needs. Produces concise and complete requirements. Well versed in the entire Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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Developed technical courses on iDEN and trained hundreds of engineers and technicians at Motorola and wireless operators.

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Cellular Expert

Deep protocol development in iDEN, GSM and CDMA. Significant understanding of UMTS and LTE. Optimize over-the-top Android and iOS apps to make best usage of FACH and DCH for low latency real-time voice communications.

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Mobile Computing

Development of real-time embedded protocol stacks. Optimization of Android and iOS application data usage. Development of remote metrics collections systems from Android and iOS applications to cloud servers.